Service Overview

The Social Network is a 2010 biographical drama film directed by David Fincher, which portrays the story of how Facebook was created. The movie is based on the book « Accidental Billionaires » by Ben Mezrich. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin, Zuckerberg’s best friend and co-founder of FB, & Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napster.

Synopsis: Set in the fictional Gotham City, The Dark Knight follows Batman (Christian Bale) as he battles against the Joker (Heath Ledger), a chaotic and unpredictable criminal mastermind who seeks to upend the city’s criminal underworld. Alongside Batman is his trusted ally, Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), who works to bring order to Gotham’s police force and protect its citizens from harm.

Work Process:

Viral Marketing: The Dark Knight utilized a viral marketing campaign, which involved creating buzz about the film through online and social media platforms. This included releasing teaser trailers and posters, setting up websites and online games, and creating scavenger hunts to promote the film asap.

Strong Branding: The Dark Knight capitalized on the success of its predecessor, Batman Begins, by maintaining a consistent visual style and tone throughout the film. The marketing campaign emphasized the film’s gritty and realistic approach to the Batman mythos, which set it apart from previous adaptations of the character.

Social Media: The Dark Knight was one of the first films to use social media to engage with fans and build hype for the film. The film’s official Facebook and Twitter pages provided updates on production and marketing, while also encouraging fan interaction and feedback.